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But please do actually read… :)

  • Be friendly
  • Listen to staff
  • Be considerate
  • No destruction of property
  • No cheating or stealing
  • No threats, abusive language, harassment, etc.
  • No PvP without consent


As a member of The Obsidian, you have a few responsibilities:

Be Friendly

Remember that we’re all here to have fun - try to maintain a friendly attitude towards fellow players. If you see any misconduct among players, please contact a Guardian or Operator. Be encouraging! Your positive attitude will make the most difference in any conflict situation.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our community, and that quality comes directly from you!

Listen to Staff

Our staff exist to help the community in any way possible, and if you’re intentionally or unintentionally breaking the community guidelines, staff will ask you to stop. It’s not personal, we’re just tasked with maintaining an open and welcoming community for all.

Be Considerate

Please be considerate and do not vent. Also, note that certain topics (like religion and politics) are potentially offensive to some of our users, so it may be best to move to a separate chat channel or private messages.

In chat, excessive profanity is not okay. We are all mature here, however we are also considerate of our fellow players and tend towards inclusion rather than offense. Use common sense when communicating with other players. Staff may talk with you if they feel you are offending another player.

Things to Avoid

As a member of The Obsidian, there are a few things we avoid:

No Destruction of Property

The server is nearly-vanilla, which means we trust each other to respect the builds and items of our fellow players. Destroying other’s builds or griefing of any kind will result in you being de-whitelisted from the server. We take this point seriously.

No Cheating or Stealing

X-ray, client hacks, etc., or stealing items from other players is not tolerated. Again, we trust one another, and anyone who breaks this rule will be removed. Use common sense with mods - OptiFine, minimaps, etc. are okay. Flying, running, x-ray, etc. are not.

No Threats, Abusive Language, Harassment, etc.

We are an inclusive, positive, supportive community. We seek to assist others, supporting each other. Harsh, abusive language or actions, racism, sexism, bullying, etc. are not a part of that. Also note that a “friendly” joke can turn bad if pushed too far. See the note above about being considerate - it’s always better to be inclusive.

This is a vanilla server, and PvP is enabled. However, PvP is only okay so long as all players have agreed to the PvP as well as agreed to the terms of defeat (such as what happens to the slain player’s inventory). While not required, it’s always best to log this in chat so that there is a record of the agreement.