The server costs time and money to run, and you can help keep it running by donating. We strongly dislike pay-to-win, so while there are a few perks for donating, we try be fair to everyone whether you can subscribe or not. We offer one premium recurring donation tier that provides several perks as well as some one-time purchases for everyone! There are discounts for subscribing for multiple months.

Note that we are torn between staying as vanilla as possible and properly thanking our donators. If you have any idea on how to improve here, feel free to let us know in-game or the contact form.

Premium Members

Premium members donate a monthly fee to help cover the time and money required to operate the server. Premium members have access to a few perks, listed below, but they are optimized for our near-vanilla community and serve only as a thank-you for assisting with the monetary support of the community.

$8 / month $40 / 6 months $80 / year join here


Color and Badge

Your in-game-name will appear gold and will have the ✸ badge in chat and on your player tag, denoting you as a premium member.

Portable Workbench and Backpack

You will have access to a portable workbench with the /workbench command, as well as a backpack with the /backpack command (access to an enderchest).

One-time Perks

We offer a few perks for one-time donations - to keep everything fair, these perks apply to the server as a whole, not to an individual player. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback here.

Let Them Eat Cake! - $5 or whatever - buy

All online players will receive a cake in your honor!

Carnival of the Animals - $5 or whatever - buy

All online players are doused in a potion of leaping!

Fireworks! - $5 or whatever - buy

Fireworks spawn around every online player!